Vocal Presets for Logic X Pro That Will Make You Sound Like a Professional

Vocal Presets for Logic X Pro That Will Make You Sound Like a Professional


What do vocal presets do?

The best part about these vocal presets is the ease of usage. All you need to do is simply apply the preset in DAW for a crisp, clean and soulful vocal effect than the original audio. It is not just that, you will be able to create stutter effect, pitcher effects, vocoder sounds, vocal buildup effects and so on

Vocal Presets save time and help you to get a professional sound every time you record. Logic Pro X can be technical for beginners.

In this event, you can easily use one of Thir13een’s vocal presets to have your recordings sound amazing every time. 

Thir13een Beatz offers Vocal Chains, which are a premium collection of world-class vocal presets, also known as channel strip settings for Logic Pro X.

These vocal presets packages years of experience and vocal research, saving you time and money. 

Thir13een Beatz was started by Warren ‘Thir13een’ Young. He is a talented music producer and singer-songwriter.

He has spent over 15 years in the industry, and he is now on a serious mission to educate music creators all across the world.  

It is from this passion to help others and the years of experience that Thir3een has developed these incredible vocal presets for Logic X Pro.

Visit www.thir13een.com/vocal-preset today and get that sound that you have been dreaming off. 


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